Discount Designer Eyeglass Frames For Women

Every woman wants to be stylish and trendy. Glasses are very bright accessory that can be an integral part of your image. Eyes are the mirror of your soul, and glasses are the music of your face. Choosing eyeglasses frames for women is very important aspect. You need to determine your face shape and understand what eyeglass frame will look best on you.
eyeglass frames for women

Cat eye glasses frame for women

This type of glasses frame has thick and pointed corners. They were on fashion peak in 1950-1960. And they were carried by such well-known women of fashion as Merlin of Monroe and Odri Hepburn. If you want to feel the refined and fragile lady these eyeglass frame will suit you ideally.

Horn-rimmed eye glass womens frames

These eyeglass frame will look perfectly on fans of classical and military styles. Earlier these frames have been made of an animal horn or turtle armor. But animals have started to die out and this material have replaced with plastic. However today we find in them something a long time forgotten, something very noble, sometimes aristocratical. Thanks to a classical frame they go well with any clothes and give the original glamour to your outfit. They became popular in the USA in 1920th years, and were the standard form of glasses for many decades forward.

Browline eye glass frames for women

Such frames have a heavy plastic framework on eyebrows and from below, the lenses led round by a metal bandlet. One more variant of style browline when instead of a metal bandlet the nylon wire is used is possible. The version of eye glass frames preferred Woody Allen.

Eyeglass frames for women in retro style

Retro eye glass frame has thin horn frame of the roundish form. This variant for those whom browline form seems heavy and rough. You can easily get retro stylish look using the broad variety of rimless eyeglasses, metal and plastic frames, round frames and more.